Making of Ice Hero

December 1st, 2010. Andrea Zanetti, at the age of 14, started creating his own game. He decided to create a physics-based game and as main character a funny Penguin. The Penguin designed for the game:


Then he started thinking how the game would be structured, inventing a story for it and deciding that the game will be divided in grouped levels.

foto                       foto2

The next step was designing the levels that would have made the game.

Schermate livelli



Schermate livelli2

On January 21st 2011, the long, long part of programming began.

In May 2013, at the age of 16, the game was almost finished. After that he started preparing for the social side of his app creating this website, Facebook and Twitter page.


He also produced a teaser trailer for the game using a video editing software and trigonometric functions to move the penguin during the animation.


That’s it! Hope you enjoy my app!



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