About me

I’m Andrea Zanetti, a 21 year-old student who lives and studies in Milan, developer-859x1024 Italy. I’m currently attending the third year at Politecnico di Milano in Software Engineering.
I first approached the IT world when I was 10, in 2007. I was really passionate about videogames and I wanted to develop a website about videogames news, so that’s what I did. I started learning HTML and CSS and it was really fun. But after a few months I realized I wanted my own pages to display dynamic content as well and so I had to learn the basics of MySQL and PHP, which was also the first programming language I’ve ever put my hands on. After about a year the website was almost complete and published, I was really proud of it. 🙂
Then I just did a few additions such as an autocomplete search bar for videogames, articles and videos. To implement this feature I also needed some knowledge of javascript/JQuery and Ajax calls.
Finally in 2010 I started my adventure with Ice Hero.

The languages I currently know in the Software field are: Java and Lua.
And I know in part: C, sqlite3, Python, PHP.

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